Home Insemination Kits

Selling a variety of products to help you with home artificial insemination. 

Not everybody can get pregnant naturally so we decided to give a helping hand to those who need an alternative method.  We have everything you need to help you with the process including instructions for testing for ovulation, transporting sperm and the insemination process.  We have been selling these kits for many years on our online shop and they have proved successful with individuals, same sex couples and heterosexual couples alike.

A variety of insemination kits to suit everybody from 1 cycle to multiple cycles. Insemination Kits include ovulation strips, pregnancy tests, individually sealed wide rimmed pots, syringes and full instructions.  Some insemination kits also include a digital thermometer and Basal Body Temperature chart.  Just choose which is right for you.

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we no longer send our kits out with instructions but have them available to print off from the home page.

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